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A Forest of Free Form Tree Quilts

I was thrilled when Melissa’s group decided to create a quilt show around my Yarn Bomb Trees. As a teacher it thrills me when I see students take my quilt patterns and make them their own. This talented group definitely took my simple pattern and created a forest of free form tree quilts.

Let me share these beautiful quilts with you. First Melissa’s beautiful trees full of fun funky fabrics. I love some of the backgrounds she used.


Cindy chose to use lots of bright solids to frame her trees.


Isabel framed her trees using an attic window setting.


While Penni carried the scrappy tree look into her border.


Deborah’s fussy cut bees and people add interest throughout the quilt.


Dot added cute birds and bird houses to her quilt. In addition to a beautiful piano key border. Congratulations Dot on the ribbon!


Lisa also won a ribbon. I love all the detail she added to her trees. And those leaves along the top border are stunning!


Jean used her trees to frame a medallion center of birds and butterflies. I like that she carried that center into the border with the applique branch and butterflies.


Susan’s quilt made my heart sing. I love her tree full of yarn bomb trees. The scrappy improv background is fabulous!


Thank you ladies for sharing your talent with us.

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your group contact me. Or check my schedule to see where I’ll be teaching next.


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