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A Little More Word Play

I’m so excited for my Spells class at Utah Quilt Guild’s Annual Meeting.  I may be having way too much fun making samples for this class.  Do you remember the wonky snowmen I showed awhile back?  Well three of them have found a home in this fun door hanging.  

Adding the ‘Let it Snow’  It’s easy to want snow in August.  I know most people don’t feel that way in January.  I may be the exception.  I love winter!  Now I’m ready, not only for my class, but for the snow to fly this winter.  Find instructions for this block in the newsletter today.  Along with a quilt setting.  Haven’t signed up for the newsletter?  Oh no!  Don’t miss out on all the free bonus patterns!

If you sign up in the next 24 hours I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on today’s.  Find the sign up on the side bar near the top.  


  • Dorothy says:

    So, I already get the newsletter, but can't see where to get the instructions–me or you is having the problem ??

  • em's scrapbag says:

    You are set on no reply so I hope you see this here. If you click the words Star in a Square on your newsletter it will take you to the instructions.

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