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A Little Soaping

Last fall I harvested 

 and dried calendula petals

 with the idea they would make pretty soap.

 Also because calendula is said to have anti inflammatory properties.

 My mom really struggles with arthritis

 and I was hoping this soap might help her. 

It not only has the calendula petals sprinkled on top

 but infused in the oils and some mixed in

She’ll be able to try it in a few weeks. Once it has cured. I’ll also have some in my shop if you’d like to try a bar. I’m calling it Hello Sunshine.


  • Kristi says:

    Soaping is so much fun! This bar is gorgeous!

  • eva says:

    beautiful soap.
    calendula is a lovely flower – we'll have a batch of them growing in our front yard.

    a couple of anti inflammatory items are:
    turmeric (capsule form) i find it at walmart.
    and of course glucosamine tablets (costco)
    works for me…

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