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A Simple Trick for Using Pre Cuts

Do you like using pre cuts? You know, fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls and charms. The are a fun and easy way to create a quilt. Find your favorites in the Fat Quarter Shop.

Making a pre cut quilt gives you access to a group of fabrics that go well together. Are already in a pre determined size. And whip up supper fast into a beautiful quilt.

But I’ve found. That if I’m not careful while mixing and matching my prints I end up with a bunch of the same color or print at the end. Making it hard to complete all the blocks in the quilt. In fact I made a few scrappy rounds in Dessert Rose. Because I had run out of the print I needed in the fat quarter bundle.

To avoid this little problem check out my little trick.

This way I have a visual of how I’m using the colors. So I can adjust early on. Rather than find out at the end. That I only have one or two colors or prints left. And they don’t mix or match as well as I would like.

I hope this little trick save you that headache. Learn more tips and tricks to help you in your quilting journey.

Find patterns to help you when using pre cuts in my shop.


  • Devon says:

    Thanks for the mix n match tip!

  • Marilyn Ehrlich says:

    Just found your site and love it. Making around 50 quilts a year for over 20 years I have bushels of scraps and I love the ideas on your site. My favorite scrap quilts are string quilts but saw some crumb quilts I will have to try especially the double wedding ring.

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