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A Story and Good News

Sunday I was given the opportunity to share about Quilty Hugs. Yesterday we had our monthly sew in. I thought while I showed pictures of our progress you might also like to know the story of how Quilty Hugs came to be. 

 Some of you may know I have an auto immune disease. Well about 10 years ago while trying to get it under control I ended up in a chemo lab. While I sat there feeling sorry for myself in walked the most amazing woman, Ginger. She was also there for treatment but, instead of being on the pity pot like me, she came singing and handing out prizes. Over the course of my treatment I came to know Ginger. I was inspired by her positive outlook and desire to make things better.

 So when a few month later at the Utah Quilt Guild annual meeting when asked on a survey what charity I felt they should choose for the upcoming year I chose Ginger’s Happy Chemo. Imagine my surprise when two months later the Utah Quilt Guild president, Crystal called me. She told me they had chosen Happy Chemo and wanted me to be in charge. I couldn’t say no, even though I felt way in over my head. I set up sew in at many area quilt shops, made a quiltometer to show how many quilts had been donated, and wrote articles for the Beeline, Utah Quilt Guild’s newsletter. At the end of the year we had donated hundreds of quilts that went into Boxes of Love along with product samples and information for cancer patients. Technically my time to be in charge was over. The Guild would pick a new charity for the new year, but I couldn’t quit.

 Thankfully not long after the Guild chose a new charity, Sarah started her Hands2Help project.  And quilts continued to be donated for cancer patients. I had a little scare last year durring Hands2Help when Ginger’s cancer returned and was diagnosed at stage 4. In addition to this devastating news she was also facing many personal problems. She had to let a few things go and sadly the Boxes of Love was one of them. I knew I had over a hundred quilts on there way from generous quilters thanks to Sarah. So Ginger helped me find other foundations that could help me get these quilts to cancer patients. I had to come up with a new name since Happy Chemo was Ginger’s brain child so Quilty Hugs was born. I’m ever so thankful to those that give their time and talents to bring comfort to cancer patients.

Now for the good news. Yesterday Ginger went in for a scan and they found no, zero, nada metabolic activity. Meaning they could find no cancer. YEAH!!!! So amazing. I’m so happy for her. She has been an amazing and inspiring friend. She does so much good and my life is better thanks to her. So grateful for miracles.


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