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Always an Adventure

My scrap bin never fails me. I now have a quilts worth of scrappy stars. Oh they make me happy. Now to figure out the sashing. 

Yesterday I set out early and with a little help from friends I was able to baste a couple quilts. Then I headed off to see my grandma and enjoy a lovely visit with her. What a blessing to get to hear her stories. She told of her mother carding wool and using it to put between the layers of her quilts. My great grandma was an amazing quilter. Lucky me I have a few of her quilts. She said they wasted nothing. During the summer they even pick off the wool that got stuck on fences and sagebrush at their homestead in Lyman Wyoming. Then in the winter great grandma would card the wool and grandma then 7 would help her by placing it in a nice stack. 

Last week my adventuring son, Alex came for a visit. We met up with my parents for lunch after a visit to REI. 

Alex was planning an excursion to Glacier National Park and needed a few supplies. Before leaving on his my living room looked like a campground. He had a wonderful time. Came back safe, always a relief to his mother, and with great pictures. I now have a can of bear spray.  Airlines frown on bringing that in your carry on luggage. A blessing I guess since he didn’t have to use it.


  • audrey says:

    Your scrappy stars are beautiful! LOVE the mixture of colors so much! And yes, I remember when my kids went to Glacier. Big sigh of relief when they came back safe and sound!:)

  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I love Glacier National Park, been there several times over the years – never have carried the bear spray but last time we went we were tempted – saw 7 bear from the car – 4 were a mom with triplets!
    Lovely remembering time with your grandma and hearing her stories – I wish I had spent more time with my grandma but I moved away at 20 and she died 8 years later without me having seen her again – we did exchange letters (in the 70's) but with my husband in the Navy we never had a chance to go back to see her before she died – the other grandparents had all died back when I was a teenager – you are lucky you can go visit – get the most out of it now while you can

  • Elaine Adair says:

    Interesting stories of old times – Hey, I live not far from Lymon, Wyoming. Depression stories are what I heard, and I still "feel" my Mom and her Mom standing over my shoulder, using up my older fabric. 8-)) They would be happy. ElaineAdair

  • Linda Smith says:

    That is the funny thing, we raise our kids to be confident and adventurous, then get all nervous when they go. DS is now in a time zone 10.5 hours away and we don't know if/when he will be coming home. What can we do, but make a quilt? (Love the on-point setting for the stars).

  • Alycia~Quiltygirl says:

    I really like the colors in those stars!

  • Julierose says:

    Loving your scrappy stars a lot!! Your grandma's quilt are so lovely…i have one of my Grand-mere's–an embroidered rose applique one…every once in a while I unfold it and air it out and love looking at it…hugs, Julierose

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