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At the Retreat

My project boxes now contain blocks instead of cut pieces. Now to put them into quilts.

I guess I could have started that at the retreat but I can never get it sewn the way I lay it out at a retreat. I always end up with turned blocks and kissing cousins. Grrr! 

So I had a little buggy ride instead. And tried to make a dent in my random strip bin. I only got a few blocks done. I will show progress when I get a little further along.

It was a great retreat! I ate too much as usual. But the food was so good.


  • 9658 Textiles says:

    I love the green, yellow and grey blocks! I have never been to a quilting retreat. It sounds pretty lovely.

  • Anonymous says:

    Our local quilt shops retreat starts this morning! I'm up printing patterns and packing my project bag. I couldn't decide all week what to work on. I hope I have half as productive time as you did!

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