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Bag of Dreams

My quilt guild chose secret sisters this year.  The only clue I received about my secret sister is she likes blue.  I thought a bag full of fun quilty treats would be fun.

 So I pulled out my blue scrap bin and got busy.  From what my sister has shown at guild meetings I know she is not as scrappy as I am so I toned down my scrappiness a bit.  I created improv letters for the word DREAM to go around the bag, with a cute little heart to separate the beginning from the end of the word.  I should have taken a picture but thought of that once the word was in round.  I thought about unpicking but decided against that.  Lazy I guess.

 I’m filling the bag with fat quarters and fun quilty treats; marking pencils, thread, needle threader, mini clothes pins, and fun quilting pins.

Hope my secret sister enjoys her bag of dreams.


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