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Beginnings and Endings

When my daughter started kindergarten I went around to area quilt shops to see if I could sew displays for them. I hit three before I found one that said yes. I was thrilled! Little did I know how that venture would snowball.

 A few months into this venture I was making a charity quilt and messed up on my math. In my attempt to fix the mistake I created a whole new quilt. I showed this to Ruth Ann, the owner of the shop and she said, “Make that into a pattern and we will sell it.”

 So I did. A few more months of sewing for her and I had designed a few more patterns. My neighbor, heard what I was doing. She owned a wholesale fabric and quilting business that is now a little company you may of heard of, Riley Blake. She was having a vendor’s mall and asked me to bring my patterns to see how I would do.

 I continued to sew for Ruth Ann until she retired and her daughter, Joani, took over the business. She wanted me to sew in the shop. I preferred to sew at home and bring in the quilts when I was done so we parted ways.

Fast forward  to today, Joani recently closed her store. All these beautiful tops she donated to Quilty Hugs. I just need to find tops and get busy quilting. Thanks Joani and Ruth Ann for a wonderful start and a beautiful ending.


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