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Bryce Winter Retreat

Last Tuesday I headed down to Bryce with my Aunt Valeen. She introduced me to this fun retreat a few years back. Her friend couldn’t make it and she didn’t want to make the long drive by herself. So lucky me! I took over her friend’s classes. That is how I met Sherri. One of those classes was taught by her.

Last year I taught a few classes. And imagine my delight when several of the ladies in my Scrappy Dresden class brought their finished quilts for show and tell.  I love how each one made the quilt their own. It’s one of my favorite things about teaching a class.

 This year I had this bunch of fun ladies in my Yarn Bomb Trees.

 Each lady took my pattern as a starting point and made it her own.

 Look at all these wonderful scrappy improvisational trees.

 We had so much fun whacking trees into background fabrics

 Then adding the scrappy stratas.

I hope next year I’ll get to see all their completed quilts.


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