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Bust Through Your Scraps This Year

Whether you are looking to tame your scrap bins.  Or just wanting to save money by using what you have.  Maybe you just want to learn how to scrap quilt.  Whatever your reason let me help you reach your goal to bust through your scraps.

The first step in using up your scraps is being able to find them.  If they are stuffed in bags and boxes it’s hard to see what you have.  I use this method to sort my scraps.  Feel free to tweak it.  So it works for you.  Another thing I do when working with my scraps, especially strips or crumbs, is to dump them into a large laundry basket.  This enables me to keep them contained while still being able to easily rummage through them.  So I can find that perfect piece.

Once you’ve got your scraps managed. It’s time to play.  I have many scrap friendly video tutorials designed to help you use those fabric scraps in fun and creative ways.  There are tutorials for every size of scrap.  From bigger chunks to your tiniest crumbs.  I also offer a variety of scrap friendly patterns. 

If you are looking for way to connect with fellow quilters while you bust through your scraps.  You may enjoy  Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure.  We gather monthly to chat and share what we are working on.  In addition there are quarterly workshops designed to help you use your fabric scraps in creative and unique ways.  Plus challenges to keep you engaged and moving forward.  There are even prizes.  Lots of bang for our buck.  Do as little or as much as you like.

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