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Charity Quilts Build Your Skills

I recently started up Quilty Hug Sew Ins again.  Between Covid and my Book we had to put it on hold for a while.  I’ve missed gathering with friends and creating charity quilts for those battling cancer.  We’ve met twice now.  I keep project boxes full.  My quilt angels choose the project they would like to work on.  Then we sew for a few hours together every month. I offer tips as we sew.  It’s a way for me to give back as they help me in creating Quilty Hugs.

I have found that creating charity quilts is a good way to improve your quilting skills.  It gives you a place to practice without the pressure of wanting things to be perfect.  Trust me when I say that those who receive your quilts are just grateful.  No quilt police there.  Take this quilt Shelly was working on.  She was a little frustrated that the sashing was not lining up.  I gave her a few tips and her rows improved.  She thought about unpicking.  I let her know it was up to her.  But that the quilt will be loved either way.  Then I let her know that if you add corner posts to the sashing it will all but eliminate the problem.


I use charity quilts to improve my free motion quilting.  It’s a great way to practice feathers or other motifs.  I have seen real improvement using this method.  Not only does it help me improve.  It enables me to give.  So I feel it’s a win win.

If you live in along the Wasatch Front and would like to improve your free motion quilting.  Let me know.  I’ll be hosting an event at HandiQuilter to quilt 20 charity quilts.  I have room for 6 other quilters.  I’ll provide lunch.  Leave a comment if your interested or shoot me an email.  Thanks!

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