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Choosing a Background for Your Pre Cut Quilts

Choosing fabric for a quilt can be a daunting chore for some quilters.  A pre cut bundle is an easy way to know that all your fabrics will go well together.  But there is still the background to think about.  Now you could go white.  Lots of people do.  

Rhythm & Blues

 Being a mother of three boys, white is a color I tend to avoid.  In fact gray tends to be my go to background.  I love the way it sets off color.  Bonus! It hides dirt

Modern Gems

 A beige is another good alternative.  It’s a good neutral.  And more forgiving than white.

Mountain Retreat

 I also like to chose a  Kona solid.  Honey Dew is a favorite. I think it plays well with a variety or colors and fabrics.  Butter also a works.  I’m currently creating a quilt that uses red as the background.  I’m pretty excited for this one.  I share it soon. 

Bear Scraps

Another option is to go with a low volume print.  Still a good way to hide dirt.  Plus it adds a little interest to your quilt.


You can layout various fabrics to audition.  Here I chose solids that were a shade lighter than the colors found in the prints.  If you had a jellyroll or layer cake with light prints you might want to audition darker solids to use for your background. 

Have fun with it!  Do what speaks to your heart.  It is your quilt after all.  People who criticize are not your friends.  I recently read in Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss, “You can be the juiciest ripe peach and there are still going to be people who don’t like peaches.”  Don’t listen to the critics.  If you like it that’s enough.


  • Shasta Matova says:

    I agree with choosing a background that works for your fabrics and your lifestyle. I had a "no whites" rule because it is hard to keep clean, and I am trying to give myself permission to use it, but you're right, there are lots of other choices out there!

  • Tami Von Zalez says:

    I am a big fan of grey. Have never done one with a pure white background.

  • Wonky Girl says:

    I purchased some grunge but not sure i want to use it now. Sure does look dirty. (((sigh)))

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