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I’ve been asked several times how I choose the colors in my quilt.  To be honest, I don’t put a lot of thought into it. It just comes easy to me. Don’t know it that is fair. It just is what it is. Must come from growing up with my artist mother. If you struggle with this, I hope this post will help you out. 

An easy method for choosing colors is to find a favorite fabric with lots of different fabrics in it and pull from those colors. I chose this fun camping print and then pulled like colored fabrics from my scrap bins. Don’t worry about being to matchy matchy. Just get in the general family.

 Another method is to be monochromatic.  I do a lot of this for scrappy backgrounds. Like my sheep quilt I just posted.

Or my simple Funfetti quilt

 You can also choose two colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. Like these purples and pinks,

I’m using to make a Kaleidoscope of butterflies in a variety of sizes.  

 Or pick a common color scheme. I thought these were fitting for July.

I pulled a similar batch when I made this scrap friendly quilt.

 Not matter what color way you choose. Remember that value, (the light or dark of a fabric) matters far more than the hue. Make sure you have a good mix of lights, mediums and darks and you should have a beautiful quilt.


  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I'm like you I don't fuss a lot over color and tend to grab through the boxes and say Yes this will work

  • Anita Jackson @ Domestic Felicity says:

    I appreciate all those methods~ I sometimes just don't know. The more color, the happier I am with it though!

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