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I was hoping to finish this quilt yesterday. I’m calling it Dahlia. I used to grow dinner plate dahlias when we lived in Oregon. For some reason this block reminds me of them.

I got the quilting done. Trimmed it to put the binding one.

  Just in time to fix dinner. Darn, my family thinks they need to eat.

 After dinner I went to cut and sew on the binding only to find that I didn’t have matching thread. Grrr! I’ll be of to the fabric shop for thread latter.

In addition to growing dahlias I also grow marigolds in my garden. I harvested petals last fall to make this soap. Good Morning is a blend of oils infused with annatto seeds and calendula (aka marigolds) to create a sunny yellow soap scented with citrus and mint. It is in my shopnow.

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