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Drunkard’s Path Finish

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I recently did a survey on which binding to put on this quilt.

 The choices were between red, brown and an aqua stripe.  The red won hands down!  And I feel a little guilty not going with it.  I know it had the most pop.  But I didn’t want the binding to outshine my drunkard’s path border.  So I went with the runner up.

I love a striped binding!  It had bits of red for a subtle pop.  And I think it looks great without stealing the show.

 My neighbor let me use her deck to photograph it.  My shed where I usually photograph quilts was not quite tall enough.  I had tried having hubby hold it up but that did not work so well.  The corners coming in, and while you try to explain what you need sometimes even the best of hubbies don’t get it.  Her deck made the perfect place to get a full on straight shot. It’s so nice to have such great neighbors.

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