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Drunkard’s Path meets Clam Shells

We’ve had a few warmer days.  Not real warm just warm enough to melt my snowy backdrop.  This picture reminds me that I need to refill my bird feeders.  They appear to be empty.  My larger feeder with a tray at the bottom empties faster than these tube ones with perches.  I’m wondering if the deer are eating from it.  I wonder this for two reasons.  One it empties so fast.  Two when the snow was  there the deer tracks gave evidence of there congregating under it.  Has anyone ever heard of this happening?  Just wondering.

 I finished quilting all those feathers in my Clamshells quilt.  I really like the combination of the pebbles and feathers.  I’m not always as thrilled with my quilting as I am with this quilt.  I think my skills are finally being honed.

 This quilt is a play on a drunkards path.  I originally designed it using my sister, Julie’s fabric line Salt Air for Moda.  Because it was a beachy fabric line and these half circles look like a clamshell quilt.  I named it Clamshells

Don’t let those curves scare you.  With my easy method they are really quite easy.  Learn how with my YouTube video.  


  • JustGail says:

    It could be deer emptying the feeder. Or as we found, it could be the birds flinging seed out of the tray looking for their favorites. We ended up putting a mesh over the tray to keep them from doing that. The birds can still pick out the seed but not scatter it all over.

    Your quilt is very pretty!

  • Needled Mom says:

    Love this fun design!

  • Anorina @SameliasMum says:

    It's a great design. The colours really 'pop' against the background and your quilting is stunning!

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