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Enchanted Forest was one of the quilts I took on my winter photo shoot.  I adore this quilt!  I had so much fun making it.  In fact carving out time to make these wonky, free form blocks was my birthday gift to myself.  One of the best birthday presents ever!

 This quilt continues to delight me.  I love how happy it is.  It has a winter feel but is bright and cheerful.  Something we often need in the winter months.  Especially when the January blues set in.  Treat yourself to this fun make if that tends to be a problem for you.  You can find the patternhere.

 This is my winter trees quilt.  It uses my Yarn Bomb trees pattern  I simply skipped the strip making step and used nonpieced trunks and branches.  This quilt has a more serene feel.  And would make a great modern wall hanging.  In case  your looking to warm up your walls with quilts this winter.


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