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Isn’t it nice to know that snow will melt. That the cold of winter will turn to the warmth of spring.

That what once seemed dead will soon come to life.  Buds emerge.  Bulbs and seeds sprout.  Blossoms bloom.
This gives me so much hope for the future.  Even as classes and trunk shows have been put on hold or cancelled.  I’m planting seeds.  Moving forward.  Even before all the crazy broke loose I started making changes to my business.  One of those changes was to have my friend, Lauren, create a new logo for my business.  What do you think?  Didn’t she do a great job?

Out of frustration with blogger not notifying me when you all comment.  Thus making it hard for me to connect with you, and reply to your comments. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to remedy this.  So I’m working on combining my blog and website.  Watch for those changes to happen in the next few months.  I’m hoping it will go seamlessly.  I know that may be a lot to ask.  I’ve handed it over to the professionals.  Or I’d have no hope at all.

This meme reminds me that all this change is normal.  That it is how we grow and improve.  Wishing you all the best as you figure out what your new normal is in these changing times.  That you can find creative solutions to your challenges.  Wish me luck as I figure out mine.


  • LA Paylor says:

    great cartoon message, it's cool when a message is presented in a pretty or funny way isn't it? Just saying life is changing isn't as effective as your little cartoon. LeeAnna

  • Claire says:

    Love the first photo of the quilt. The Logo is great.And I chuckled at the meme. What more can i ask. . .

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