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Feel Free As A Bird With Improv Piecing

Quilting is not just a hobby.  Or a way to share and keep others warm.  It’s a form of autistic expression that enables us to stitch stories, memories and emotions into the fabric of our lives.  While traditional piecing methods have charm.  There is something uniquely delightful about improv piecing.  Allowing the quilter to throw out the rule book.  No quilt police here!  Instead allowing the quilter to be spontaneous and creative in every stitch.

Improve piecing liberates quilters from the constraints of precise measurements and piecing.  It celebrates individuality and encourages the use of scraps and asymmetry.  The beauty lies in the imperfections and wonkiness.  Making each quilt a unique work of art. Improv piecing invites you to trust your instincts, experiment with colors and enjoy the process of discovery while your quilt takes shape.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-expression through improve quilting?  Join my FREE AS A BIRD workshop.  Where seasoned quilters as well as beginners can come together to learn, share and create.  You will be guided in several free form piecing styles as we create wonky birds, houses and trees.  Enjoy one live session, as well as the flexibility to rewatch lessons for a full year.  Enabling you to gain confidence in this creative quilting expression.

Enabling you to create quilts like Enchanted Forest and It Takes a Village, but with your own unique style.

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