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Tuesday morning while working on my last blog post, my hubby mentioned he needed to work on his abs.  Being the good wife I am, I got up to show him some yoga poses that help with ads.  Not thinking about the fact that I was wearing socks.  As I shifted poses from plank to three legged dog my foot slipped out from under me and I cam crashing down on my toe.

Crazy LoveBlocks from my class

 After lying in a heap for a while hubby helped me up and I hobbled to a chair.  When I got up the courage to look at my big toe it was facing in the wrong direction.  A trip to instacare revealed it was broken, and I was referred to an orthopedist.  I was told I would most likely need surgery.  I was totally bummed. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  I was teaching my Crazy Love quilt on Thursday and I was suppose to leave today with my middle son.  He has gotten a job in Omaha, and I was helping him move.  Since I would be of no help.  My son left on his own a day early so he would be able to spread out the travel.  Which turned out to be a good thing.  His Honda was not happy pulling the trailer and he had to go really slow.  So thankful we have relative in Cheyenne that let him spend the night, before heading on to Omaha. 

More Crazy Love Blocks from my class

 I called the quilt shop to let them know what had happened.  I still really wanted to teach, but couldn’t drive.  They offered to come get me and take me home after.  I told them I have great neighbors and would find a ride there if they would please take me home.  In the mean time the orthopedist, who probably thought I was crazy.  Not only did I have the story of how I broke my toe but why I couldn’t have surgery on Thursday because I was teaching a quilt class.

Angela’s Yarn Bomb Trees Quilt

 He gave me the option of numbing my toe and then manipulating it to get the bone lined up and my toe pointing in the right direction.  He said he would check it in a week.  If it was still aligned I could avoid surgery.  No surgery sounded pretty good to me, though the manipulation did not.  I bit the bullet and let them numb my foot.  I didn’t feel a thing!  My toe is facing the right way!  And with any luck I will avoid surgery. 

Fun binding detail on Angela’s quilt

I taught my class yesterday.  It was a huge success!  Everyone was so understanding of me having to sit and them come to me for demos and questions.  Thanks to Angela (did you see her awesome Yarn Bomb Tree quilt from last month’s class?  Don’t you love her big stitch binding?)  who went around and took pictures for me.  

I feel so loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Who take time to help me out when I do something so dumb as yoga in socks.


  • cityquilter grace says:

    no good deed goes unpunished…LOL…glad you can avoid the knife!

  • Wendy Caton Reed says:

    I was going to say exactly what Grace did so need to repeat! I do hope all goes well and that you had a great class. Oh what we will do for quilting!

  • Loris says:

    I'm definitely praying this manipulation works and you can avoid that surgery too! We need those great toes!

  • Terri says:

    It's called Karma, Em. You do good things for other people and the same comes back to you. Enjoy.

  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    did he tape the toe to the next one or put a splint of some kind on it to keep it in the correct position? one of my daughters broke the toe next to the big one last month and they did the taping to the next one – no surgery on hers – she slipped on the stairs in the house coming down from the upstairs

  • barbara woods says:

    Praying no surgery

  • Needled Mom says:

    I hope the toe stays aligned, but that sounds terrible! Our Granddaughter is in college in Omaha. Hope he enjoys it as much as she does.

  • Angie in SoCal says:

    I wonder if you hadn't had the class scheduled if he'd have mentioned trying the alignment first. Hope it works. Lovely photos in this post.

  • maggie fellow says:

    ouch – I'm glad you were able to teach that darling quilt – hope it just gets better from here.

  • Bonnie says:

    Hope you avoid surgery! I know how hard it is to get around with a broken big toe. It doesn't seem like it does much but boy break that big guy and then try to maneuver! Take care of yourself and yea for a great support network. What a bonus that you had a good reason why you weren't available on Thursday if you do succeed in avoiding the surgery.

  • kt says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Hope your toe stays aligned and you can avoid surgery. I'm so impressed that you were still able to teach your class after that!

  • dq says:

    Sorry to hear about your break. Surgery does not sound fun at all. I hope all goes well with your healing process.

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