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On every Tuesday, except the first of each month when I have my Quilty Hug Sew In, I help my friend out by taking her special needs daughter to her job and pick her up.  While she is at work I baste quilts or visit my grandma.  Depends on whether I have tops that need basting or not.  

As I mentioned on Monday I’m working my way through a giant pile of basted quilts.  So even if I had a top to baste, I’m running short on pins.  So Tuesday was a visit grandma day.  On my way I stop to pick her up a chocolate mousse from Kneaders.  Grandma is a big chocolate fan. I used to take her out but she has gotten less steady on her feet and I worry about a fall. I now bring treats to her.

 I also needed to drop off some patterns to a couple of area quilt shops.  Since grandma likes to sleep in and the quilt shops didn’t open until 10 I took a little field trip with my recently quilted maverick star, baby quilt.  At the mouth of Ogden Canyon is the Timbermine Restaurant.  It’s right across from My Heritage Fabrics, where I needed to drop off patterns. They have some pretty cool, old farm equipment.  So I stopped and had a little photo shoot.  Being at the mouth of the canyon it was pretty windy but I managed a few shots. 

 Just down the road is the George S Eccles Dinosaur park.  I used to bring my boys here when they were little.  They loved it.

 The kind receptionist let me in for free so I could take pictures with the dinosaurs.  It brought back happy memories.  I don’t know how great the pictures turned out. 

 But I think the dinosaurs enjoyed the quilt.  These cold blooded creatures seldom get to enjoy something soft and cuddly.

I had a nice visit with Grandma.  She loved her chocolate mousse.


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