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Last time I showed this quilt it was a flimsy. Now it’a quilted and bond. I love all the scrappy happiness in this quilt. The stars are leftovers from this quilt, that was also a scrap quilt. You know your a scrap quilter when you make scrap quilts from the scraps of a scrap quilt. I didn’t have a real plan for them but while organizing some pre cut scraps this idea came to me. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I quilted it on the diagonal through the rows. I used leaves, they are easy for me. Then tried the starburst in the stars. 

This next quilt is a group effort. It was made at my Quilty Hug Sew Ins. Sue cut it out. Shelly pieced it. 

I quilted with simple organic lines. Finally Sherri bond it. I like it’s simplicity and fell it will work for a man. I often worry I don’t make enough masculine Quilty Hugs. I need to work on that.

 After posting last week I made it to the fabric shop for matching thread and got this little wonder bond. I’m glad I held out for the matching thread. I love the way the orange binding sets off the quilt.

Dahlia pattern

Feeling pretty productive with this weeks results. Even if they were mostly done to begin with.


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