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I have spent many summer afternoons floating down a river in a tube. Many happy memories and a few fun stories have been a result of this lazy pastime. So when I saw Jen Kingwell’s new line, Beach Road, for Moda floating leisurely in a patchwork tube came to mind. 

Because when I float a river I’m accompanied by some pretty awesome young women. (A perk of getting to work with the youth at my church.) I needed to make enough patchwork tubes for everyone.

All that fun wavy line quilting earlier in the week made for a great flowing river for all these tubes to float down.

 So nice to have this fun reminder of all those river runs. Can’t wait to show those awesome young women. Maybe they will want to make one of there own. I’d love to help them with it.

 I found this fun piece in a bin. I thought it was just a solid blue piece of fabric when I pulled it out. Imagine my delight when I saw the sailboats appliqued on it with the mariner star. I don’t know where it came from but it made a perfect back for my Float Party. And the wavy line quilting works perfectly with it also. I had to add a strip of fish fabric to make the back big enough but I love the results.

If you would like to join my young women in making this simple layer cake friendly quilt you can find the patternhere.


  • Adventurous Quilter says:

    I totally adore this quilt 😍

  • Ann says:

    What a fun quilt especially with the bottom float just a bit off. So cute. Great back and quilting, too. Congratulations.

  • Alycia~Quiltygirl says:

    What a great quilt – and a great memory!!

  • Dar says:

    Very cute quilt and the girls will love it, I'm sure.

  • dq says:

    Super cool! I have served with the young women my whole married life. I teach them at school all week and then also on Sundays. We meet on Tuesday nights. I am betting we are part of the same religioin. Here I have been following your blog for a long time and didn't even know.

    I love your float tube quilt not only because of its charm but also because of what it stands for.

  • Judy says:

    What a great quilt with great memories! It would be neat if some of the young women get started with quilting, it's such an awesome hobby.
    Happy sewing,

  • moosecraft says:

    So cute! A very happy quilt!

  • The Joyful Quilter says:

    Great finish with a wonderful story!! Thanks for the pattern link, too.

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