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Floating Nine Patch Quilt Block

This floating nine patch quilt was a bit of a group effort. I cut the strips. (I probably cut enough for three or four quilts. Thankfully there are lots of quilt patterns that use 2 1/2″ strips so they will find a home.) Then I made a few blocks. Shelly made the rest of the blocks at one of our Quilty Hugs sew ins. You can learn how to make a floating nine patch with this tutorial.  Marilyn took the blocks and sewed them together. Then I sandwiched, basted and quilted it.

I quilted vertical lines spaced 1/4″ on either side of the seam. I took the opportunity to practice a little geometric quilting through the larger strips between the vertical quilting lines. Good practice and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Did you know that Craftsy has all you can watch as a back to school special? Just in case you want to learn a little free motion quilting or anything else for that matter.

I found a geometric brown that blended well with all the fabrics to bind it with. Happy to have another Quilty Hug that will work for a man. I feel I don’t do enough of those. Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia and Amanda Jean to celebrate.


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