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Friends at Market

It’s off to never never land.  At least it seemed that way as I headed off to Quilt Market.  I had hoped that my friend Ruthie would be able to come along.  This is her quilt.  Isn’t it amazing!!!!  But her family needed her.  So I headed off by myself and sent her pictures of her fabulous quilt that did get to go.

 I never worry to much about going to a quilting event by myself.  I know there will be friends there.  Like Sherri and Chelsi of A Quilting Life.  I’ve know Sherri for years.  We teach at some of the same retreats.  I met her daughter Chelsi for the first time at market.

 It was good to reconnect with Jackie.  We talked planes and hubbies flying in addition to quilting.

 I’ve also know Annie for years.  She is gently pushing me forward in my quilting ventures.  Love all her encouragement!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to work with Diane again.  I was so sad when she left Fons and Porter.  She is now going strong a American Patchwork and Quilting.  Way to go Diane!

 I also met new friends.  Lea Ann of Podunk Pretties told me about a Facebook group of designers just before I left.  There I met Carolina.  We had dinner together.  And spent some time walking the floor.  She was so generous and introduced me to Stacie, a very talented fabric designer for Moda.

 I also met Christa in that group.  She was very welcoming.  Letting me know about events going on at Market.

 Jerriann and I hit it off right away.  We are kindred spirits.  Loved hearing about the inspiration she received for her new Dresden templates.  Amazing and so cool!  If you love Dresdens your going to love this tool!

 I took a very informative class form Ebony Love to help me with my newsletter.  So grateful for the information she shared.

I also took a class from Lynn and Pam of The Stitch TV Show.  If you have not watched this you are missing out.  It’s the perfect background noise for your next sewing session.  

 Tula was the opening speaker for School House.  Oh how I love has this woman does color.  Sorry for the bad picture.  All the lighting in her gorgeous booth made taking a good picture difficult.

 Another designer that’s color sense makes my heart go pitter pat is Kaffe.  Now he can do color.

Apologize for the long post, I didn’t want to leave any of these amazing people out.  Quilters are the best!  You included!  Hope we will get to meet someday and talk shop.  It would be so much fun! Find my patterns and teaching schedule here.https://www.auntemsquilts.com/  If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter sign up now.  It’s full of freebies, tips and tricks. You don’t want to miss out!

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