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Fun with Medallion Quilts

I had so much fun designing and making this Medallion quilt last year.  It is now a pattern, just in case you are interest.  

 I’m also teaching it as a class at K& H Quilt Shoppe on the fourth Thursday of each month for the next four months.  Each month we will be doing a different border.  Yesterday the ladies either brought their own center or worked on it in class. 

 We also started on our first border.  It was fun to see those borders come together.  Sue hasn’t decided on a center yet, but she got her borders done.  She even made that cute little bow tie for her next border.

 Marilyn used a panel for her center.  She is changing up the size so her quilt will be a rectangle instead of a square.

 Angela pieced her center and got her borders on. 

 I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone’s medallion quilts progress over the next few months.  It’s one of my favorite things about teaching.  Watching my students take my patterns and make them their own.

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