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Gifted Scraps

 One of my quilting angels also does a lot of sewing for Days for Girls. She recently gave me a large garbage bag full of scraps from her sewing. She figured we could use them to make quilt. The other day I started sorting. I used my Go to cut a bunch of square for one project and threw any strips into another project box. I found a bunch of black with white dots I thought would make fun centers. I wanted to have a few sample blocks so I started to play. I came up with these.

I may continue to work on these in my spare time. They are so fun to make. Who knows if I’m lucky I may have enough for a quilt by our next sew in.


  • straythreads says:

    love the scrappiness of it. But I am partial to scrap quilts. The colors are going to be so bright and cheerful

  • Crystal_235 says:

    So pretty!

  • Julierose says:

    Loving that scrappy look–especially with that B&W dotted featured center…looks like a fun and relaxing project…hugs, Julierose

  • Karen says:

    How fun to get to play with someone else's leftovers. Never know what you will find and be able to create something with. A mystery in the works.

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