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Goosey, Goosey, Gander

I’ve been making geese. Lots and lots of flying geese. So I thought I would show you my method of choice. I know there are tons of ways to make flying geese but this one has brought me the most success. First I get my strips cut or in this case I pulled them out of my bin full of 2 1/2″ strips. Next I pull out my Nifty Notions Quarter Square ruler. I love these rulers! In case you may have forgot. And I start cutting. First with the ruler right side up I cut out a triangle. I forgot to take a picture when I first started so I already have a 45 degree angle on the end. When I start a strip I usually use the 1/2 square ruler and save the triangle for later. Then I flip my ruler and cut another triangle. These are the geese part of your flying geese unit.

When I cut the sky part of the unit I use my Nifty Notions 1/2 triangle and I use the strip folded in half. This gives me both sides of the sky in one cut.

Here are the geese I still need to sew all laid out. I’ve made 170 and have about 180 to go. Am I crazy or what. If I’m not now I may be by the time I’m done.

First take one of your geese and place a sky piece on top. Just line up that flat edge and sew. Very slick.

Sew and press open.

Next place the other sky piece on the other side lining up that flat edge again.

Sew and press and there you have a lovely flying geese unit.

Here are a few of the sewn geese.

That become these units.

That become this border.

That go on this quilt.


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