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Happy March! Spring is on its way.  Let’s think green, specifically green quilts.

My green scrap bin is one that fills up quickly.  If you’ve read this blog long. You know that when a bin gets full I work to create to tame the bin. Consequently I have a lot of green quilts.  In honor of spring I thought I would share them today.  In case you are looking to create something green.

My latest green quilt is Flow.  In this quilt I pulled cool colored strips; green, blue, and violet.  I started with a four patch of string blocks. Chose a soft green for the background and then spiraled out with patchwork braids

Last year I left early to a retreat to teach early because of a storm.  I took my then overflowing green bin with the idea of coming up with something to tame those scraps.  My brother’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day so that was where my mind was headed.  I whipped up some shamrocks.  My hubby has a bald spot on the top of his head.  I call it my lucky spot.  So I made letters to create the words, “Kiss me, I’m Lucky.”  Then I combined the two. Create your own get the pattern.

In addition to quilting I enjoy gardening.  One winter I made a wonky garden.  Filling the quilt with lots a different free form flowers.  If you would like to learn this quilting method. You may like my FREE AS A BIRD workshop. I used my green scrap bin to create the background.  I love the added interest all the different values of green added to my patchwork garden.

With Tied Dyed Sheep I did the same thing.  I have found creating a scrappy background is a great way to use up a lot of scraps.

My original Jumbo Scrappy Star was made for my son and daughter in law when then got married and wanted a green wedding quilt. 

I hope this give you some inspiration on how you can create green quilts.

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