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H2H A Chance to Give

It’s that time of year. Hands to Help is in full swing. Thank you to Mari for stepping up. In case you didn’t know Sarah, who’s baby this has been, is having health issues. Please keep her in your prayers. Mari has graciously agreed to take over this year. Giving everyone a chance to give to the chosen charities. Quilty Hugs being one of them.

In case you don’t know about Quilty Hugs. Let me tell you a little about it. Quilty Hugs began when I ended up in the infusion lab for my auto immune disease. My first visit I was scared and uncertain about what my future held. In bops an energetic bald and boobless woman, Ginger. She sang and gave out prizes. Because in her words, cancer sucks and we need to do something to make it fun.

Ginger and I became friends. She had a charity, Happy Chemo. I mentioned to the Utah Quilt Guild we should join forces with her to give hope and comfort. That landed me the charity chair for the Utah Quilt Guild. After a few years of service they chose another charity. I didn’t want to leave Ginger high and dry. So I continued to make and gather quilts for her.

Ginger put up a good fight. Thankfully she long longer has to fight. Sadly the world is minus a very good person. Before she passed away she helped me find places to give Quilty Hugs. I’m thankful every year when generous quilters take advantage of a chance to give through H2H.

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