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Harry’s Puzzle

My Grandpa Harry was a kind and generous man.  As a baby my mom would put me in one of his big mixing bowls while she decorated cakes at his bakery.  When I got older I remember trick or treating at his bakery to get big yummy donuts.  It didn’t even have to be Halloween to get a donut from grandpa.  He is gone now.  The bakery is still there and my Uncle David is still good for a big yummy donut when I stop by.  In honor of my Grandpa Harry I created this quilt.  

 His parents immigrated from the Netherlands so I used a Dutchmen’s Puzzle block.  Bordered them with a scrappy border because he was a fighter, always willing to stand for what he felt was right.  And used bright happy colors to remember how he always made others happy.  Then quilted it with a puzzle motif.

Named it Harry’s Puzzle in his honor.  It is in the current issue of Fon’s and Porter’s Love of Quilting.  Love ya Grandpa.  Hope you like your quilt.


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