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If you’re like me this is a question that comes up every time you finish a top.  I love choosing fabrics and creating tops.  But I’m often stumped when it comes to how to quilt that top.  

 I’ve joined with my talented friend, Ruth, of Ruthie Quilts to create a series of YouTube videos to address this problem.  Ruth shares her skill, she is an award winning quilter.  I dumb things down with my quick and easy ideas.

 Together we give several options on how to quilt several of my patterns.  Though these motifs and how they are used in our examples could be used on many other quilts.  I thought of the feathered wreath after we made the video.  I used a yogurt lid and a herra marker.to mark a circle then filled in the rest of the space with free motion feathers.

So far I’ve posted three in this series.  Watch for more to come.  Here is the latest.

FYI there is a lovely 10″ Stacker of Jill Finley’s It’s the Berries on Fat Quarter’s flash sale.  Did you know you can receive a free book by Eleanor Burns when you purchase  a Go! Qube.   Also Bluprint has Boundless Looking Glass Fabric for only $5.50 a yard.    I do receive a small commission if you purchase through these links.  It doesn’t add to your sale price, but allows me to create more free content here. 

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