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How to Make a Patchwork Braid

I like to play with scrappy strips.  There always seem to be a bunch in my stash.  I also that when my scrap bins are full.  Running a bunch through the my AccuQuilt Go with a strip die is a fast way to make useable scraps.  So today I’d like to share how to make a patchwork braid.

First you’ll need lots of scrappy strips.  In the example I’ll be using 1 1/2″ strips cut at 5 1/2″ long.  But you can play with those measurements to change the look and size of your braid.

To begin you will want a right triangle.  I used a leftover hst piece that I had leftover from making half square triangles.  It would have made a 2″ finished half square triangle.  Next I sewed one of my strips along one of the shorter sides.  I’ve made a video to show the process.  So don’t worry about getting confused.  It should clear things up.

Once you get your patchwork braid as long as you would like.  Just trim up the ends.  Use them for a table runner.  Place them side by side in rows.  You can play with the direction of your braids.  Or add alternate rows, either with solid fabric or pieced blocks.  Geese on the Lake is an example of this layout.

Looking for more scrappy strip quilts to make?  Try these 6 strip busting quilts.

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