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Into The Woods

One of the things I like to do when I design a quilt is to play with a single block. I see how it looks bigger or smaller. Maybe repeat an element in the block. It’s fun for me to see how this effects the block. Then see if those blocks play well together or if there is a variation that will make a quilt in and of itself. I’ve done it with circles, majestic mountain blocks and Shoo fly blocks to name a few.

 When I saw Annie Brady’s Big Sky line for Moda trees came to mind. Just a simple pine tree. I made it big. I made it small. Then I went for short and tall. After coming up with four different tree blocks I arranged them and came up with this design.

 Simple pine trees with various sized plain blocks to include all the fabrics in the line. I think it makes a great little boy quilt.

You can find the pattern in Annie’s Time Friendly Quilts.


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