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It’s November.  Wow!  How has another year flown by this fast.  I love November.  It contains my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I think it’s the perfect prelude to Christmas.  Turning our hearts to all we’ve been blessed with.  Preparing us to then give of our abundance.  

 One of my greatest blessings is where I live.  I have wonderful neighbors.  They look our for each other.  Back when my hubby’s appendix burst and he spent almost a month in the hospital, they kept an eye on my boys.  Now my boys didn’t need a babysitter.  Just a watchful eye to make sure teenage boy shenanigans didn’t get out of hand. 

While at the hospital one day my boys decided to build a half pipe in the garage.  I did end up with two engineers, so maybe this was good prep for their future selves.  One neighbor said, I figured there were worse things they could do.  So I let them.  Those future engineers didn’t think about the fact that they were 6′ tall.  There was no way they were going to be able to skate this while it was in the garage.  They only took out 3 sprinkles moving it to the backyard.  It brought them hours of entertainment.  And I knew where they were.  So I guess it was worth fixing the sprinklers.  

Based on my great neighborhood I designed this quilt.  I’ve made two of them.  One hangs at my friend’s homes.  As a mother of 8 she knows that it takes a village to raise children.  You can find this in pattern form in my shop.  I also have it available as cards and downloadable prints.  They make a great new mom gift.


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