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Jellyroll Friendly Half Square Triangles

Did you know you could make half square triangles from jellyrolls?  Yep!  And it’s so easy!  Plus there is no waste.

 All you will need is a flying geese ruler and jellyroll strips.  I find it a great way to use up leftover ones.  You know where you use part of the strip and your left with a bit extra.

 Place your strips right sides together.  Here I’ve used a background strip with a jellyroll strip.

 Next take your flying geese ruler and line up on the 2 1/2″ line and cut.

 Now turn your ruler as shown and cut again. Continue down your jellyroll strip flipping the ruler back and forth.

 Take your triangle sets to the sewing machine and chain, chain, chain them together.

Press open and have fun play, play playing with those fun, fun, fun half square triangles.

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