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Just Because Wonky Stars Make me Happy

I’m still getting lots of time sewing with my leg in the air.  If I don’t keep it up it swells and I get cankles to the point that from my calf down is all the same size.  Not pretty nor does it feel good.  So I guess I’ll just sit and sew.  

 I finished making enough scrappy, wonky stars for a quilt.  So I got those sewn together in this funky, fun quilt.  Don’t these stars make you happy?  They do me, in the making and them just by themselves.

Adding this to my growing flimsy pile.  Looking forward to when I can baste and get this one quilted.


  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    love your stars, hope you foot gets better soon!

  • Wendy Caton Reed says:

    Wow! I guess broken toe sewing works for you. This is beautiful!

  • Angie in SoCal says:

    Swelling? I wouldn't have thought the toe would cause such swelling. Have you told the doctor? You are putting your sitting time to beautiful use. Blessings,

  • Alycia~Quiltygirl says:

    Great wonky stars!!! I am so sorry about the swelling – but you know… if it keeps you chained the sewing machine… ha ha… Seriously – I hope it heals fast!

  • Susie H says:

    That's too bad about your leg, doesn't sound good at all. Your Wonky Stars are cute and funky though! Love 'em!

  • Julie in GA says:

    Beautiful Wonky Stars quilt! Hope your foot is better very soon.

  • Cathy says:

    Yes, the wonky stars are delightful! I hate hearing about your swelling, but I’m sure that someone, somewhere could come up with a silver lining… no housework? More sewing time? Just get better soon!!!

  • The Joyful Quilter says:

    Love, love, LOVE making Wonky Stars! In fact, I have a stack of them waiting to grow into a quilt top. Congrats on getting yours put together!

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