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Over 70 years ago my grandpa opened Topper Bakery. He had opened one before. It failed during the depression. He and my grandma lost everything. At that time he promised my grandmother he would never go into business for himself again. He struggled with odd jobs to support his family and pay back the debt he incurred. After struggling for many years the idea to start another bakery came. 

 When he let my grandma know, she got angry and told him he would have to do it all on his own. He found a building. Lined up supplies and got used equipment and displays. He had everything he needed except for baking scales. He was ready to open and still no baking scales. He was getting everything ready to open. Worried about how he was going to pull it off. When grandma walked into the bakery with scales.

 I’ve always loved this story. The fact that this bakery was and is a success. That my grandparents overcame their challenges. And especially that my grandma, in spite of her fear and all that she went through with the failed bakery still came through and helped my grandpa. Speaks to my heart and has always been an example to me.

 This quilt is designed in honor of my grandparents bakery. It is made up of pies and cakes. I call it Just Desserts. It features the fabric line Well Said by Sandy Gervais.

 I pieced the back with a lovely gray I found in my stash and some leftover from the front.

 It is quilted with organic lines in geometric shapes. I love the texture it adds to the quilt.

You can find this and all my patterns in my Etsy shop.


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