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Layer Cake, Charm Square and Jelly Roll X & + Blocks

If you are like me you tend to end up with extra layer cake, charm square and jelly roll pieces.  What’s a girl to do with all those?  I throw mine in a box.  I have a box for layer cake and charm squares and one for jellyroll pieces.  When they get full I make a quilt of course.  These x and + blocks help me make room in my boxes for more happy pieces.  

My Three Red Hot Kisses quilt is an example of this fun, scrap busting block.  I didn’t pay as much attention to value in this one.  Because of that some of my x’s and +’s get lost.  This next go around I’m being a little more intentional.  Using medium to dark fabrics for my x’s and +’s and light low volume prints for the background.  

Learn how to make your own, with my newest YouTube video. New link, I don’t know what I did that made the formatting of my original video small.  Gotta love technology.  I’m sure it was user error but still.  I did some yoga and then got busy fixing it.  Here is the result. Hope you like it.  

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