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Layer Cake Friendly Majestic Mountains.

I love to play with a block and find new and different ways to use it. Majestic Mountains is a block I have played a lot with. I like it because it is pre-cut friendly, a layer cake and some background fabric and you’ve got endless possibilities.

I did this scrappy Dutchmen’s Puzzle quilt in tribute to my great grandparents who immigrated from the Netherlands to the mountains of the Wasatch Front.  I used the majestic mountain block to from my Dutchmen’s Puzzle blocks.

To make your own Majestic Mountain blocks you will need two squares. Here is an quick and easy video tutorial for step by step instructions.


Here are a few quilts I’ve made using this fun block. In Dahlia I mixed up the blades to make the blocks scrappy.  Then stitched them around a square to make a pinwheel like flower.

In a Little High a Little Low I also mixed up the blades and sewed them into rows back to back.

In Rhythm and Blues I used them going diagonal through my quilt to give it movement.

This is the same quilt just in a different color way.

I hope you have fun playing with this fun block.  Please share what you come up with me.  I’d love to see what you come up with.


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