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Like the Shoemaker’s Elves

Do you remember the story of the Shoemaker’s Elves? The shoemaker would set out the supplies for a new pair of shoes and go to bed. In the morning to his surprise a new pair of shoes would be there. Like this lucky shoemaker I have some pretty special elves. Let me tell you about them. A few months ago I received a bunch of tops from the shop that got me started in this wonderful quilting business.

 After seeing my post about these tops my neighbor across the street called me to say she thought she had fabric that would work as backing for several of them. So I walked across the street with my pile of quilts and was able to find several backs. Then at our next Quilting Hug Sew in Ruth told me that our mutual friend, Vivian had gifted her a roll of polyester batting to quilt our hugs with. Did I have any ready to go. I gave her this top and the gifted back.

She took it and did a beautiful job quilting it. While Ruth was busy quilting away I got a binding ready. So Sherri could bind it. And the next thing I know I have a completed quilt. So thankful for all my elves.


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