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Love the Gift That Enables You to Create

However you may feel about your body. Do you realize what a great gift it is? I want to help you love the gift that is your body. It enables you to see and feel fabric. With it you are able to cut and stitch. You could not create and share without it. Yet many of us have a pretty negative view of this amazing gift. Maybe we have fat quarters where we wish we did not. Perhaps it is bigger or not shaped in a way you think is not beautiful.

I’m here to tell you that whatever the size or shape of your body. You are beautiful. I’ve yet to meet a quilter I didn’t think was amazing. Quilters are generous. They give their time and talents to make the world a softer more loving place. That quality alone makes you beautiful. And I know that you have many other attributes that make you a beautiful person.

Health Obstacles

If you are like me you may have struggled with health issues. Obstacles that have kept you from having the super model body. Or at least one without extra baggage. I have many quilty friends whos health have led to extra weight. That in turn has led to other health issues. If this is you. This post is for you.

Sadly there are few things in life that are exactly the way we think they should be. Focusing on what we don’t have seldom if ever gets us what we want. And I’m a firm believer that you cannot hate yourself better. So I approach my weight and health with the same approach I use when teaching quilting. Give yourself some grace. Be accepting of where you are now. Work to improve. Be forgiving when you fall short. I believe this approach get better and longer lasting results. Making you a superhero when it comes to achieving your goals.

Get Help

If you are looking for help. I recently met a weight loss coach, who focuses on quilters. She gets us. Because she is one of us. Working together we have come up with an offer to help you become healthy and feel better about yourself. Her name is Dara Tomasson. She has offered her master class, Procrastination and Weight loss to my audience for free with coupon code QUILT. Stop feeling bad about your body. Start feeling better. Receive tips to help you be more energetic and productive. Enabling you to love the gift that enables you to create.


  • carol says:

    Says you have to use a credit card and your number.

  • Ginger says:

    This is a great post. Somehow we tell our daughters that it’s what’s inside that counts and then totally ignore that for our own bodies. You’re right, as quilters we do great things and we deserve to pat ourselves on the back for that and give ourselves mercy much more often than we do.

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