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While trying to come up with a name for my newest finish, somehow scrappy pineapple fell short and fruit basket seemed over used for pineapple quilts. Yes, I like to be a little different. It’s my subtle way of being rebellious. And though I seldom rebel in a way that would truly be considered naughty. I do have a bit of a rebel streak in me. You’ll catch me most Fridays going to the gym in my slippers. I think slippers are the perfect rebel foot attire for the gym. It may be one of main reasons I love my yoga class.

 So when I came across the image of the Chiquita banana lady and her fabulous hat. That I found an add for to buy. There are also tutorials on how to make your own. I think I might need one. My daughter would die. She thinks my cowboy boots are bad enough. Anyway in one of those adds it was described as a Tropicalia fruit hat.  Tropicalia, isn’t that a fun word to say? Kind of rolls of the tongue. Tropicalia, tropicalia, tropicalia see what I mean.

 Further research of this festive word revealed that it is a Brazilian artistic movement that started in the late 1960’s. Further evidence that it was meant for my quilt as I was born in the late 1960’s.  Tropicalia art is full of bright vivid colors. I love bright vivid colors and my quilt is full of them!

So without further ado I introduce you to Tropicalia, my newest quilt finish.


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