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Moda Bake Shop At the Sea Shore Finish

It was such an honor to sew along with some pretty great designers.  I’m thrilled with the results!  This quilt just makes me happy!  I love Tula Pink’s vivid fabric.  So glad I had enough leftover from the Stitchin’ Showdown.  They sure brought this quilt to life.

 I had to do a little hunting to find the sashing fabric.  I only had a part of a jelly roll strip of that.  I took it to several local shops but had no luck locating it.  I finally found it on line at The Fat Quarter Shop.  Because I was ordering on line and not sure I was picking the right color.  I bought two different Tula Pink solids knowing one of them would work and the other would find a home sometime in my sewing.

I took my flimsy on a little field trip, to the nearest body of water for a little photo shoot.  I found two cooperative young men to hold it up for me for a straight on shot.  They opted not to be in the picture.  Even though I told them they could be famous.  🙂  

 If your interested in making an at the Sea Shore quilt, visit Moda Bake Shop for all the block patterns.


  • Alison V. says:

    Very cute!

  • Missy’s Miracle Stitches says:

    Love the bright colors and the beautiful blue dashing! Wonderful job!,

  • Susie H says:

    That is the perfect shade of blue for the At The Seashore quilt! Great job!

  • dedou says:

    I just found your blog after purchasing one of your patterns from an Etsy store. I got Picnic in the Park, and I see you used the quilt as a background for your August 21 thought for the day. I am SO confused by the directions and would like to know if you have a tutorial for this pattern? I've never used the triangles on a roll paper before and to start with, I don't even know which one I should order: the pattern calls for paper that finishes at 2" x 4', but the rolls I see are all single finished measurement only, like 2" OR 4". I would appreciate any help. The pattern is so adorable and I'd love to make this quilt. Thank you!

  • em's scrapbag says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Cathy says:

    That turned out so darling, Emily! I love all the colors you chose. Have a nice Labor Day weekend!

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