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Moving it Forward

This cute little stack of ready to sew pieces was made quick work by my Accuquilt Go.

First I dove into my giant bin of unsorted scraps. I had a large chunk of lovely lavender so I was looking for fabrics that would go with it. So my guidelines as I sorted was any light blue, yellow, peach, pink and purple that was at least 3 1/2′ x 6 1/2″ big. I ended up with quite a pile.

Next I pressed those pieces and using my rail fence die from my 12″ block cube I cut about 200 rectangles. Next I found the center of one of those solid rectangles and cut through it at a 45* angle. I used this piece for my template and cut the rest of rectangles. Now one bin is ready for the Quilty Hug sew in. Can you guess which quilt from last Wednesday’s post it will be?

I also pulled scraps for another quilt. I borrowed my neighbor’s 5″ square die while she borrowed my 2 1/2″ strip die. It’s nice that we both have Go’s and can share dies. I’ll share my other scrap quilt plans once I get the rest of my pieces cut. For now please link up and share what you are moving forward.

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