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Moving it Forward ~FMQ and Big Stitch

Gentle wavy lines are what I chose to quilt on my wonky maverick star quilt.  The first time I taught this quilt I had a scary experience.  Scary at the time now it’s quite funny. 

 I had a small window between my classes and wanted to get some lunch. I had seen a Subway not to far from where I was teaching so I thought I would just pop over there.  Well as it turns out this Subway was not open yet.  I knew there was one on the other side of town.  Fortunately this was a small town.  So I hurried over.  I got there, ordered, and was heading back when flashing lights appeared in my rear view mirror.  Oh, bother! I pulled over.  The officer said, “Going a little fast”

I told him I had not thought so.  He asked where I was going.  I told him I was on my way to teach a quilting class.  I thought I’d die when he asked the name of the class.  I had to tell him “I’m a Maverick Star.  Must have been my lucky day.  He didn’t give me a ticket.  

After quilting my maverick stars, I auditioned a couple of fabrics for binding.  I didn’t find any I was thrilled with.  I remembered a fun binding my friend, Angela had shown me.  I cut plain gray binding then did big stitch in various colors to attach it.  I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.  Hoping soon to be able to share it as a finish.

Now it’s  your turn to share what fun things you are doing in your sewing room.  Link up and let us see.  We want to cheer you on.


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