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Moving It Forward~ Orphan Blocks and Value

I was doing a little cleaning and organizing recently in my sewing room. Guess what I found! A bag of orphan blocks! I’m not sure where they came from. I know I didn’t make them. So some kind quilter must have donated them for Quilty Hugs.

It looked like there was enough for a quilt. So I started throwing them up on the design wall. There were almost enough. I only needed three more to make a nice sized throw. Fortunately there were some scraps in the bag as well. So I whipped up the three blocks.

I loved the cute fabrics in these blocks. The blocks themselves were adorable. But I’m not so pleased with the quilt. It took me a minute to realize why. There is no contrast. All the fabrics are of the same value.

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Looking for more ideas to use up your orphan blocks. I recently created this post with inspirational video to help you out.

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