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Moving It Forward~ Scrap Busting Strings

I have a lot of quilts. There are piles in my YouTube studio that are Quilty Hugs for cancer patients. They are in suitcases for when I travel and give trunk shows. The beds in my home are covered with them. Plus I have trunks full of quilts in case guest need extra bedding. So the fact that there are times quilts get put away in the wrong place. Is not surprising.

Most often they get found and are returned to their rightful home. Once in a while I have to kick myself. Because a quilt gets into the YouTube studio. I use it as part of a video. And rather than getting back to it’s rightful home. It finds it’s way to the Quilty Hug pile. And once in a while it gets given away.

I’m not to upset by this. I know it will bring comfort and hope. That I can always make another one. But it does often throw me for a loop. Like the fact that Pasta Please, was recently donated. And I’ll be teaching it in a few months. But now I don’t have a class sample. OOPS!

I’ve been wanting to go through some bins. To use smaller cuts to create strips. So I have them on hand for various string quilt projects. This blunder moved that to do item up the list. I dove into the bins. Pulled out my ironing board, AccuQuilt Go cutter and strip dies. And I’m busily cutting pretty strips. Not just for another Pasta Please quilt. But for a few more as well.

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