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Moving it Forward~ Spider Web Quilt

The spider web blocks are coming along nicely. I’m trying to figure out how big I want to make it. I’m loving the bright scrappy webs against the navy stars. I threw the blocks I have done on the design wall to get an idea of how the quilt will look.

Originally I was thinking 30 blocks and a border. I’ve not made a spider web quilt with a border and was looking forward to playing with possibilities. I may still go this route. But I may make 42 blocks and leave the borders off. Time will tell.

For now I’ll keep using these blocks as my leaders and enders.

If these blocks have got you thinking a spider web quilt would be fun to make. Then try my spider web block tutorial. There are more examples of this type of quilt there. Or visit my YouTube channel for other scrap busting video tutorials.

Make sure to share what you create on my Facebook page. It’s always fun for me to see how you take my patterns and tutorials and make them your own. Plus, I promise you will get a good ego boost from all the kind comments others will leave.

Just a little FYI Accuquilt Quibes, Dies and Bundles are 25% off now through the new year.

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